Natural Remedy for Headaches: Ginger Root

Do you or someone you know get frequent MIGRAINES?

Several studies have shown that many migraine sufferers are MAGNESSIUM DEFICIENT. (More specifically, magnesium oxide, according to Medical News Today) If I felt a migraine coming on, I could normally get electrolytes and avoid a crippling headache.

However, I've just learned about how helpful GINGER ROOT can be. According to, the anti-inflammatory herb helps with pain and nausea. Keep it in your pantry for your next unexpected migraine!

I tested this out myself last week and was amazed at how ginger root helped me avoid a migraine. Want to see if a magnesium deficiency is at the root cause of your migraines? Order a kit to send me hair and a saliva swab to scan for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.